Just For Your Presentation

JFYP Audio Visual Services is a company providing audio-visual presentations for corporate, hospitality and event clients in the Dallas – Fort Worth market. Owner, Alfredo “Freddy” Salinas’ 40 years of audio-visual business experience has helped him successfully manage and operate great quality work.

Mr. Salinas believes that the core of his brand is a service provider that is very dependable, very professional, always on time, backed by excellent and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and 100% service oriented. “We get it done correctly, the first time,” he says. “Clients can depend on me.” Mr. Salinas tries to project an image that he and his crew are “clean-cut” professionals. His employees wear black shirts and jeans on all jobs. For example, he aims to overdress for client meetings and believes that one of his main assets is that he’s personable. In all things, he tries to project that his is a larger business than it is. “I try not to let them know I’m small,” he says. “If you think small, you’re going to be small.”